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If research doesn’t change you as a person, then you haven’t done it right.

Robert Diab, Research is Ceremony

Innovation practice is growing in a litany of professional fields:

More institutions, organizations, and people are learning about the power of innovation as a motivating agent in society.

What’s unique about the spread of this field, however, is that people don’t even agree on what exactly it means. How can the global community better spread and implement innovation, when we don’t even agree on its nature?

``“Thus much of my current work requires that I stay light on my feet and responsive—making the path as it is walked and crafting the bridge as it is crossed.``

Prof. Hazel Symonette

I was conducting my first research interviews at the Botswana Innovation Hub in the summer of 2017, working to develop an ethnographic evaluation study of the Botswana innovation ecosystem.

After each intense interview, I asked my respondents how I could make the insights more useful to them. Many gave answers I didn’t expect; instead of answering my question, they posed pressing questions of their own:

“So, what do you think about the innovation ecosystem? What issues does it have, and what can be done to make it better?”

“There does not exist a word meaning exactly innovation `{`in Naro`}`, but I use the word sonkori which literally means dreams…”

Mathambo Ngakaeaja

In my research exploits, I’ve combined the fields of design, evaluation, and equity towards beneficial activity for the world.

By studying the limits of design in international development, through literature reviews, partiicpation analyses, and ethnographic grounded theory, I apply methods to learn the madness.

Come learn about my current culmination.