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Link Appraisal: Mind, Body, and Soul

Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted… but to weigh and consider.

– Sir Francis Bacon

Let’s try something new. How about we talk about some important topics our internet has to offer? I’ll be collecting links that I’ve personally vetted, and I hope you’ll check them out. Our theme today? Personal advancement. It comes in three steps: mind, body, and soul. First, let’s advance our mind, through science.

Come learn about a philosophy about how science should be viewed, how Einstein viewed it, and how it should be applied to physics’s greatest problems.

Science Is Not About Certainty

A compelling quote:

“Science is a continual challenging of common sense, and the core of science is not certainty, it’s continual uncertainty—I would even say, the joy of being aware that in everything we think, there are probably still an enormous amount of prejudices and mistakes, and trying to learn to look a little bit beyond, knowing that there’s always a larger point of view to be expected in the future.”

Some questions for the readers:

  • What connections does philosophy have with the formation of science?
  • I what ways can theories be connected, much like Einstein did with Newtonian Mechanics and Maxwell’s equations?

Second, comes body. Come learn about how fitness makes your mind more effective, by using the Crossfit fad as a baseline.

CrossFit, neuroscience, surviving the zombie apocalypse: Is your workout a fraud?

A compelling quote:

“So the part of your brain that enables you to do pull-ups and squats – but isn’t engaged for a bicep curl or leg extension – is what gives you the discipline to study instead of watch TV, or to budget vs. rack up debt on a credit card. High-intensity functional movement requires will power, in no small part because will power itself is what’s being built in the nervous system during the workout, through the movements themselves.”

Some discussion questions:

  • How else does the actions of the body form the trends of the mind?
  • How can we fit the findings of ‘extreme fitness’ to more conventional workouts?

Finally, comes soul. Come find out this author’s take on the secret to happiness.

Love People, Not Pleasure

A compelling quote:

“We look for these things to fill an inner emptiness. They may bring a brief satisfaction, but it never lasts, and it is never enough. And so we crave more. This paradox has a word in Sanskrit: upadana, which refers to the cycle of craving and grasping. As the Dhammapada (the Buddha’s path of wisdom) puts it: “The craving of one given to heedless living grows like a creeper. Like the monkey seeking fruits in the forest, he leaps from life… Whoever is overcome by this wretched and sticky craving, his sorrows grow like grass after the rains.”

Some discussion questions:

  • How do you reconcile anti-materialism, while being a part of capitalism?
  • What are the steps you’ll take to love your neighbor?

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Until next time, luminaries.