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Birthdays for Benefit: Miles Ahead

Round two, of two. Happy birthday, and all that. Glad you could join me on this journey; let’s make something beautiful.

My first post’s theme? It was my more recent, yet lifelong passion of addressing global poverty issues. This post? It’s a more deeply entrenched passion, more like a way of life: music.

Do yourself a favor and regale yourself with utter beauty. However, I understand I get it if you don’t have an hour to waste.

Then do yourself another favor and read his autobiography, Miles.

Take a moment of silence, and understand the impact Miles Davis had on American culture. Then, you might understand why I’m so excited to see this come to fruition. The video says so much more than I can, check it out.

Don Cheadle, the only man I could ever see depict Miles Davis with real conviction, has made the movie an experience, and he wants us to be a part of it. To make the people a part of the event, as you saw, he set up an Indiegogo campaign set up to fund the movie. In fact, only has 3 days left, so I suggest you move quickly.

Want to contribute to this movie? follow these steps:

  1. Click on this website.
  2. Click “CONTRIBUTE NOW.”
  3. Choose your contribution amount, and the perk you would like, if any.
  4. Pay your way into sponsorship, however you would like.
  5. After you pay, leave a comment on the main page, which has somewhere, “Happy Birthday Pierce!”

You’ll have the opportunity to get a whole bunch of goodies for contributing certain amounts of money, some of which I plan on obtaining.

If you can’t pay, at least you now know about a fantastic movie on it’s way, and maybe you’re a bit more knowledgable about a true American hero. If that’s not deserving of a birthday, I don’t know what is.


You have a good cause you want published, or consulted upon? Let’s talk about it.

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Happy birthday to all of us.