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Birthdays for Benefit: Contribute to Cantaro Azul!

Wanna know a secret?4627885_orig

In my short adult life, I’ve never liked my birthday.

I’ve actually never like celebrating much of my own accomplishments, in fact. You might not believe it if I blog about it, but I try to stay as humble as possible. Yes, I understand it isn’t healthy to not celebrate one’s self, and yes, I do have a tendency to act wild, when the time permits. However, events which honor me for some occasion (birthdays, graduations…), I become unnecessarily shy. Mind you, I’m a work in progress, and I learning to be more gracious for the blessings of another year of life.


Interestingly, I also became disinterested in receiving gifts, and only birthday wishes, all day long. I just felt like a birthday could be leveraged into something more…impactful.

So, to that end, let’s make some impact. Enter Cantaro Azul, and Fermin Reygadas.


He just recently finished his PhD in my program, while simultaneously becoming an Ashoka Fellow and an overall expert upon human-centered design, impact evaluation, and innovative water solutions for the abject poor. This is all while having a baby, teaching courses at Berkeley, and doing a plethora of things I’m not even sure of.

(mind you, his research is actually EXACTLY in my field, and his work will be featured in my future dissertation, but shh.. don’t tell him yet.)

In Chiapas, Mexico, his organization has a plan to “develop sustainable solutions that will benefit more than one million people in Mexico and that contribute to strengthening the international water sector [in the next five years].”

Look out for him, when he becomes the next President of Mexico.

So, here’s where YOU come in.

If you can, fund his work, here. Literally every dollar counts, and the funding window is only open for TWO MORE DAYS!

  1. First, go to the upper right corner of the website, and click on the button for EN (english) and USD (United States Dollars.)
  2. Click ‘Back’ (as in, to back the organization).
  3. Put in your payment information.
  4. Be glad that you supported such a fantastic cause!

If you want a tax-deductible receipt, that won’t be reflected directly in the campaign, go here instead to make your payment.

Like his work. on Facebook, or Twitter.Fermin Mesita Azul2

If you can’t disburse a bit of money, tell somebody who can. We’re all as powerful as our network.

In the struggle to eradicate global poverty, there’s loads of people who want to do good, but few who actually do it effectively. This program’s a part of the small minority. Fermin’s done an exceptional amount of work already, I’m just trying to publish on his behalf.

Happy birthday to us all!


You have a good cause you want published, or consulted upon? Let’s talk about it.

And, STAY TUNED for part 2, at 1:00 PM, PST.