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I’m Pierce Edward Cornelius Gordon. Thank my mother for the illustrious name.

Over the better half of a decade, I’ve been neck-deep in innovation culture. I’ve done work with governments and entrepreneurs, in topics from technology to environmental justice, with people ages seven to seventy.

All my work shares one thing: I spread the limits of innovation.

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Through workshops, auditing services, and in-depth consultations, I jump-start people's ability to address their own deep-seated problems in their organizations, communities, and lives. Let's get you out of your rut.
Through learning, making, testing, and strategizing, I offer turnkey design practice and solutions for issues from the personal to the systemic. Is the problem wicked? Don't have the space or time? Let me trailblaze.
Through comprehensive planning, complexity analysis, and value mapping, I offer resources to remain influential and accountable. When innovating, understanding impact is never traditional. Let's track your path through the future.
Through interdisciplinary design, mixed-method analysis and comprehensive collaboration, I love the rigorous hunt for socially impactful information. My Ph.D. specializes in understanding the complex systems of poverty. Let's expand the world's understanding.

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